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Services from Technical Overhauling Institute Hadžići fleet for Military industry
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Services for military sector.

Overhauling of military tech

Overhauling of military vehicles.
Overhauling of artilery and personal veapons.
Modernisation of weaponry and military tech.

Overhauling of combat vehicles

Overhauling of combat vehicles is about::

1. Combat tracked vehicles:

Shielded vehicles

2. Combat vehicles on wheels:

Shielded vehicles
Special vehicles

Overhauling of combat vehicles is done with modern equipment, special and standard tools. Overhauling is done by technical-overhauling documentation, determining the rate of damage and array o replacement parts. Beside that, we have option of technological design and eqipment of stationary unit.

Overhauling of artilery and personal veaponry.

1. Hand held launchers
2. Mortars
3. Artilery veapons
4. Guns, semi and auto riffles, machineguns

We have huge experience in technical support and education of technical personel for our clients, that make them capable for overhauling. We are able to release complete transfer of overhauling technology for artilery and personal veaponry systems in the country of the customer.

Covid19 equipment

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