Technical Overhauling Institute Hadžići - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tehnički Remontni Zavod Hadžići

About us

History of Tehnical Remont Institute Hadžići, since year of 1955.
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Tehnical Remont Institute Hadžići, is company established back in year of 1955 with dedication of producing, maintenance and remont of veapon systems and military equipment.

We are 20 kilometers away from the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. Among the other things, we poses our own railroad system, and that make it easier for us to deliver supplies, since railroad is connected to the RBIH railroad system from one side, and via Adriatic sea from another side.

In Tehnical Remont Institute Hadžići, we practice joinment of long time experience with young competent engineers and modern technologies.

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